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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015

Serious about ART, what is it's VALUE?

On occasion I find a blog with an interesting and provocative topic I feel passionate about and I have to comment. founder and editor of ArtsJournal has written a blog piece regarding the value of art and Artist's in today's environment. This piece is based on review of Scott Timberg’s book Culture Crash and William Giraldi review of the book in The New Republic.   The Art Journal was founded in September 1999 and aggregates arts and culture news from all over the internet.  The blog piece can be found at

My comments regarding Mr McLennan's perspectives and the value of art and artist's in the world today follows:  Art is in ones soul and a true artist lets it come out in their work with little regard for what others think or feel. One commenter sited Rod McKuen and Brittany Spears as being  examples of high quality art.  They may be good examples if you have a taste for their art. I’m sure they like the money, but there is a joy in the work they do. They are just lucky to have conformed to the tastes of the crowd. I’m sure given a choice they might sing or write it differently if just pleasing themselves.

History will continue to repeat itself. Great artists will, as Doug (another commenter) stated, continue to “do something different and stand out for people who have learned to value the difference”.  Eventually their work will be valued. Unfortunately, many will starve as they create their art and may only be recognized much later. Perhaps after they have passed. How many in the art world do we know who fall into that category?

I have had such instances where a customer has visited my booth, looked at my products and indicated that I am asking to little for the quality of the art or craft I am selling.  I have been paid twice what I have asked by some who really understand the time, effort and yes...some talent that goes in to some of the pieces I make.  It is when I create for myself and not when I am creating in hopes that someone will purchase it, or that it is trendy, that the true art is revealed.  Working from a pattern or a kit is a fine craft, but I would not consider it true art.

Art is an expression of being. That is why it is so important that we as humans learn to understand, appreciate and value art for it’s workmanship, mind-sight and value to humanity. Without this our humanity is lost. Producing copies upon copies of art, as so many do these days is humanity lost! And….so goes our country.

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