Monday, January 20, 2014

Fiber Art - January 20th, 2014

I know I say this all the time, but  how the time flies!  Christmas is gone, New Years is gone and we are over half way through January.  Well, Ann and the elves have been very busy learning how to use our new pieces of equipment.  With a new serger and embroidery machine there is a lot to learn before putting out a number of products for sale.

Ann and Jael, (one of the elves from California) rebuilt a beautiful silk blouse to fit Jael, in accordance with Jael's design.  It had embroidered Coy fish on the sleeves and was cropped at the midriff.  It really looked nice when we were finished.

Ann and Kerry made a prayer flag for a baby shower Kerry went to last weekend.  The flag was embroidered with a dragon fly and was a great success.  Blankets have been made, Ann's clothing has been altered and the research, development and training continues.

Here is the first product developed using the new tools.  This is a knit tube of recycled Sarre silk and wool, embroidered with butterflies and sewn into a belt.  I love the multi-colors in it.  It fits a 28 inch waist.

Now Ann is working on wedding ring pillows.  Who knows what she will come up with next.

The adventures continue.  Stay tune, there are some big adventures in February.