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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Art – My eye caught a glimpse of shinny silver lace necklaces while walking down the aisle at the Spring Best of the Northwest 2013 show. 

I had to stop by Entiat River Glass & Jewelry (ergj1).

Karen Snyder warmly invited me into her shop.
  I was surrounded by creative lampwork glass art, gemstones and gorgeous jewelry.

The necklaces were so silver, shinny and delicate, yet they had large stones embedded in them.  I wondered how the silver thread could hold the weight of the stone.  Recently, I had tried to crochet something similar with smaller beads and found it quite challenging.  Then I stepped up to the display case; OH… what a surprise!  The silver lace was really silver wire so intricately woven, with wonderful twists and turns.  I could have sworn it was tatted, or crocheted.

Karen, while she skillfully continued to bend wire, as easily as I crochet in my sleep, told me that a piece of wire can bend four times before it breaks. She has developed a method of bending and wrapping wire that is all her own.  Karen also likes to find, polish, facet and set all of her own gemstones, which makes her jewelry even more special.  These creations are uniquely Karen’s designs.  You will not find them anywhere else. On top of that, you add the glowing lampwork glass that Dale creates, and you have a dynamic duo.  

Dale's embedded glass art inside of glass is amazing. When the glass is wire wrapped by Karen it becomes a unique, one of a kind piece of art you can wear around your neck. Oh so very special!  You just have to go to their website at and see for yourself.  They can also be found on Facebook, search “ergj1”  or email Karen at

Karen and Dale also have some big news.  Having lived and worked in Wenatchee for many years, they have just announced that they are moving and opening up a new store on Highway 2 in Newport, WA.  It will take about a month for them to settle in.  They hope to open in May. Their new store will feature both Karen’s jewelry and Dale’s glass.  The shop will also include some art from other Northwest artist friends.  Their Grand Opening is in June, and they would love to have everyone come up, say Hi and take a look at their new shop.

Karen, it was great to talk with you.  I really enjoyed watching you bend wire and loved looking at all of your gorgeous jewelry and Dale’s glass art.  I’m looking forward to June and the scenic drive across I-90 to Spokane, and up Highway 2 North West to Newport to visit your new store!!  Thanks so much for your precious time.  Good luck with your new store!!

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