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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Art – Another Spring Best of the Northwest 2013 shop that I absolutely adored is Frances Velling, Fine Art Painting.

Well educated in her artistic craft, she is also an artist by her most considerable talent.  Her resume and list of exhibits, awards and published artworks are extensive.  The moment I walked by her booth I knew Frances was something special.  

She has worked in all types of media, but for this show she feature her stunning and bold watercolors.  An accomplished teacher for a number of years, she was very willing to explain to me how she produces her bold colors out of a usually muted color spectrum.

Frances says she loves to paint, and she paints a picture every day.  It was hard to believe with the complicated designs and color mixes, but she is clearly a pro.  I could look at her pictures for hours.  They are bright and yet have a peace to them.  

I think my favorite picture is the one with the colorful paint brushes.  Maybe it is because it reminds me of my mother’s art brushes and the beautiful colors she painted.

Frances’ paintings are a delight, and I highly recommend you take a look at her on-line gallery at  Make sure you use the caps!  She can also be reached at  Her phone is (425)307-1219.

My photos don’t do her pictures justice; you have to go look at her gallery!

Thanks, Frances, for letting me spend so much time with you.  I loved talking with you.

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