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Monday, March 25, 2013

ART – Here is my third article in a series covering the beautiful art and wares at the Spring Best of the Northwest 2013The featured shop today is Marshall Woodworking Studio. 

Marshall Woodworking Studio is owned and operated by Craig Marshall.  Craig doesn't cut wood, he is a molder of wood and a wood artist.  You can tell he has a passion for wood just by asking how he works and inlays his wood pieces.  Some of his pieces have a grace and beauty all their own.  The music stand on display looks just like the music would sound: delicate, light and fluid.  Yet, the stand is solid and should last for generations.

Marshall says he lets no piece go to waste.  The lines and circles become smaller, but he’ll find a place to use them.  I especially like his artists’ pallet boards.  I suppose you could use them as breadboards, but I’d hate to put a knife to any one of his creations.

His chess set is unique and a design he developed many years ago.  All of the pieces are designed to reflect which direction the specific pieces are supposed to move on the board.  Since I've been watching my grandson learn chess, I can see how helpful this would be for someone just starting to learn this very strategic game.   The board is all hand made in beautiful hues of wood. 

We discussed the types and weights of wood.  To my surprise he identified that some woods were toxic and could not be worked.  I’d never thought about that.  You learn something new every day.  It is obvious that you really have to have a great knowledge of wood.  The knowledge of its characteristics and how it will bend and fit with other woods are imperative to truly be a wood artist.  Craig is definitely a master at this.

I would highly recommend you take a look at Craig’s website at .  You can also reach him at or by phone at 253-376-7841.

Thank you Craig for spending some of your precious time talking to me about your beautiful art.  Your wood creations are definitely “Objets d’Art du Bois

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