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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

TRAVEL – February 22, 23, 24, 2014 –       

AT SEA .... Crossing the Equator

As far as I am concerned, being at sea on an “at sea” day is some of the best time of the trip. In the morning I get up for breakfast, meet with my knitting ladies to knit all morning long, have some lunch, either read, write the blog, or something else until late afternoon and then get ready for dinner. We have a favorite server named Jenny, and we usually sit at her table at around 7 o'clock PM and then either see a show or go to bed.

Now, the ship offers a number things to do during the day. They have a full service spa, a very nice fitness center, many pools, a library, lecture series, dance classes, trivia, bridge classes, ship tours, art auctions, jewelry auctions, shopping, coffee bar, checkers, putt-putt golf, basketball, belly dancing classes, health and circulation classes and movies…just to name a few. On February 24 the ship also celebrated crossing the equator.
King Neptune and court
King Neptune's crew

King Neptune requested all Polly-wogs (those who had never crossed the equator on a ship) to attend the equatorial trials of the Crown Princess. Some of the Polly-wog passengers were invited to attend court and stand accused of various crimes and submit to judgments passed down by King Neptune. Everyone else watched. 

 The guilty had to kiss a fish, kiss King Neptune’s feet and all were slimmed with something that looked like whipped icing/lard and punch. It was great fun, but I’m really glad I was not selected as one of the accused. Pictures were hard to take, but I've tried to include a few just to give you an idea. Half the ship’s passengers were hanging on the rails and five rows deep watching the action. The accused eventually were thrown in the pool to clean off the slime. Great fun was had by all.

No….Sea Days are NOT boring!! The adventure continues…Next stop Recife, Brazil.

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