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Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 12, 2014 – Travel

Let the adventure begin! John and I left at a reasonable time Wednesday morning for the airport. Weather was beautiful by the time we arrived at the airport. Our flight took us from Seattle/Tacoma to Denver and then on to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. With the weather so horrible around the country and so many flights cancelled, we felt fortunate that we had good weather and smooth sailing all the way. At least that is what the Weather Channel and the meteorologist were saying.

The flight to Denver was smooth and uneventful. There was chop over the Rockies, but there always is. Denver skies were clear and you could see for miles. The sunset was one to remember. Our plane was full and it took a while to get everyone on board. I sat next to an interesting lady from Boulder who owns her own event planning company.

From the time we took off from Denver the pilot kept the fasten seat belt sign on. He indicated that there was weather in the area and we all had to stay seated. Oh really? It was some of the smoothest flying I’ve experienced. This was a four hour flight. For the first two plus hours everyone stays seated….no potty and not drinks…UGH!! People started to get restless. Eventually they let us move around. Stay tuned, there is more to this story….

I hear a whimper….yes…a whimper under my seat. Did you know that they let dogs on the plane?? Not just service dogs, but dog – dogs??? I’ve flown quite a bit in my life, but never with a dog. Her name was Sasha and she was from Denver. She actually belonged to the daughter of the lady that sat next to me. She was so sweet and spent most of the time curled up on the daughter’s lap. I just had to take a picture!!

About 45 minutes without seat belts and then there goes the  seat belt light again. An hour later and we are already to land in Ft. Lauderdale when the pilot announces that there is a major thunderstorm in the Ft. Lauderdale and the airport is closed. Could have fooled us. It’s still smooth sailing with our belts on!

They have diverted our plane to Tampa. Here is another first for me. Questions abound as to how and when we would make it to our destination. Would the weather eventually clear? Would the pilots still have enough flying time to take us to Ft Lauderdale? Would they bus us? Would we have to rent a car? By this time it is 1 o’clock in the morning East coast time the next day. John and I looked at each other and said…”Yes we are traveling again….”

Welcome to our next adventure!!!

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  1. The worst part of the trip is over -- Flying!!! :) Have an amazing experience! Hugs, sue


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