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Monday, March 31, 2014

Travel - Puerto Montt, Chile, March 17, 2014

Lonely Planet’s description of Puerto Montt was enlightening… “Say what you will about Puerto Montt (locals certainly don't hold back, with Muerto Montt, meaning 'Dead Montt,' topping the list), but if you choose to visit southern Chile's ominous volcanoes, its celestial glacial lakes and its mountainous national parks, you will most likely be visiting the capital of the Lakes District and the region's commercial and transportation hub.”

Puerto Montt's most redeeming quality is that of its plethora of exit points (my emphasis added): be it by plane, ferry, bus or rental car, you can make a quick and virtually painless getaway to a near-endless inventory of memorable locales. Otherwise, travelers have occasionally become endeared of the unpolished working- class Chilean atmosphere here. Many of the building and culture have their basis in their German heritage.

It would appear that the ships tour planners took this exit strategy to heart as once we loaded onto the bus we were off to see other sites outside Puerto Montt. I got the feeling that there was something in Puerto Montt they didn't want us to see, but Lonely Planet explains it all. I guess there really wasn't much to see. It is a stopping off place to somewhere else.

Our bus took us through a small town (Puerto Montt) and then on into beautiful country side until we arrived at a beautiful fresh water lake. 

The morning has started out foggy and rainy, but by noon time on our boat ride on the lake the fog is lifting and we begin to see beautiful volcanoes ringing the lake. The water is crystal clear, the clouds are puffy and the volcanoes are majestic. 

 We are following the ring of fire from the bottom of Argentina all the way up the west coast of South America. These snow-capped jewels are beautiful. One further down the chain still has a little steam rising from its center. We all know the circle of fire is alive and well. I hope my pictures help you see just a bit of how beautiful this place is. It is well worth a return visit.

We have lunch in a local hotel: Chilean farm raised salmon and Pisco Sour to drink. Both were good, although I am spoiled with the wild salmon from the Pacific Northwest.  A bus ride through the same volcano valley area, (no fog this time) and we are back on the ship.

We are tired, but have had a lovely time.  There is still more to this journey.  Stay tuned....Bye for now!!

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