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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Art - August 11, 2013

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and support!! The Taste of Edmonds Fair was another learning experience.  Each one is different.  

This fair was more like a carnival.  We were next to a booth that sold fairy wings on one side.  Every kid at the fair must have stopped there.  Across from us was a large booth that sold lots of things made in a third world country including jewelry at give away prices (bracelets 3 for $5).  

Just across the way a young lady was calling out to everyone passing by offering free samples of cinnamon roasted nuts. They were wonderful and I fell in love with them.  She even gave us a bag to take home.  However, she was difficult to compete with.  Who wouldn't want a free sample.   YUM!!  So much for being in the Art and Craft section of the fair.  

I don't think I'll try the Taste of Edmonds fair again.  However, much was learned, I passed out lots of business cards and got lots of exposure.  Hopefully my Etsy store will be busy this Christmas.  

When all was said and done John and I gave ourselves pats on the back and agreed we had done a good job. Now for a rest and more research.  I need to figure out what type of fair really fits my products. 

HUMMMMMmmmmm    Stay tuned....the adventure continues....I'm not giving up!!

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