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Sunday, April 7, 2013

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There is a lot for us to learn, depending on the technology we select.  We either fight it or join.  I embrace it with open arms.  I'm also hoping it will stave off senility, as I exercise my brain learning how all these systems work.

Social media and advancing computer technology may not be familiar to many of us.  These are not things we grew up playing with, but they are here to stay.  I hope to embrace them, and to employ them in useful directions.
My father had one of the first computers.  It covered a fairly large area of the desk and had a memory tape drive that looked like a small tape recorder.   He had one of the first JUNO email accounts.  He also had one of the first copy machines that worked with liquid developer.  Thirty-five years ago, he transitioned his accounting books to Peachtree accounting software.  I guess I'm following my father's example.  I think that even back then he understood how much computers were going to change the world.  He has been gone fifteen years now, and look how far we have come.   

The thing that amazes me is how reluctant large businesses are in embracing some of the technology and software that would streamline their operations.  Some of the upgrades do cost money; however, the return on investment, if they ever bothered to calculate it, would be astronomical.

A company I used to work with a number of years ago is just now putting in an Oracle system that integrates all the company's data systems into a cohesive, cross-talk system.  This allows the following: an end user (customer) identifies a requirement to Purchasing; Purchasing places the order; in some cases the supplier can communicate with the company system; end user tracks the order; Receiving and Shipping communicate with Purchasing; Purchasing communicates with Accounting; and Purchasing communicates with the end user.   Sounds simple doesn't it?  Computer technology wise it hasn't been. 

Until now, each segment of the above communication link was controlled by a separate system, and all communication was done in person or via email.  Think about the money saved when these links are integrated across a single, automated management system.  In many cases, handheld devices connected with these integrated systems can only help to improve the flow of information.  Surprisingly, many large businesses do not have integrated software systems and are still in the Dinosaur Age.

The same thing can be said for the engineering side of business.  Tracking design, from concept to an as-built drawing with change and configuration control, is usually done with various CAD systems.  Each engineering discipline has its own favorite software.  None of the systems speak to each other.   

Over the years, I have worked for a number of technically complicated businesses.  The way these businesses handle changes and communicate design issues is mind-boggling.  So much money is wasted due to the slow approach to addressing system wide technology.

I fought the good fight, being on committee after committee.  My team mates and I tried to pull companies along into the computer age. Most, if not all, were very reluctant to come around.  Now, with Artfully Ann's, I have the ability to keep learning and to incorporate new technology as it becomes available.  I may be older, but I'm not dead yet!!  

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