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Friday, April 12, 2013

ART - I had a wonderful day yesterday, shopping at St. Vincent de Paul, gathering display items and items for up-cycle.  It's one of my favorite stores.  Of course, Goodwill is tops!  I've decided to branch out and try selling my items in a couple of art markets this summer.  Art Fair selling should be an exciting adventure.  My husband, John, is busy designing and building display shelves for my jewelry, pouches and jewelry boxes.  They should be beautiful.  Photographs are being printed professionally and banners are on order.  

The learning curve continues on a steep upward climb.  However, I am still having fun.   Here is one of the pretty boxes I've refurbished (up-cycled). I added my photograph of a Black-eyed Susan printed on silk cloth to dress it up.  It will display my jewelry and hopefully someone will also fall in love with the box.  I've found others just as pretty.  I'll let you know when the art markets are this summer.  I'm busy making items just for these activities.

Ann's adventures continue...

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