Sunday, March 24, 2013

ART - Another beautiful shop I saw at the Spring Best of the Northwest 2013 is August Phoenix.  

August Phoenix is owned by Heather Daveno.  Heather makes hats and art wear from old textiles.  At least that is what her card says.  I believe that is a clear understatement.  

As we were talking about her hats, she was standing with an old bread basket in her hand.  It had been painted gold, and she was sewing leaves and flowers on the side.  The bread basket was just the right size to fit someone’s head like a hat.  Who would have thought?  Apparently Heather had!

Heather has the vision of bringing old items from second hand stores and other discarded places out of the “ashes” and into a second beautiful life, just like an August Phoenix.  Hence, the name of her company.  

Heather likes to travel and has been all over the world.  Her art and the individual design of each hat reflect that joy and interest. 

Throughout this article, I’ve provided a sample of some of Heather’s hats.  One she was quite proud of as we spoke on the floor of the display hall was her “tea pot” straw hat. 

What a creation it is.  Heather says she is now working on a few Victorian style hats.  Her designs include hats for an Imperial King, Sherpa, Venetian, Russian Czar, and a Persian princess.  Each one is unique and one of a kind.  

Check out her shop at  You can also contact her at  Her website also has her show schedule just in case you want to talk to her and see her hats in person.

It was a joy to meet you, Heather.  Thanks for giving me a few moments of your precious time!

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